Meet the Author

Joe Walker

Joe Walker is a native Arkansan with a passion for Arkansas history. 

His first book, "Harvest of Death - The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas" tells the story of one of the bloodiest Civil War battles in Arkansas history. He followed up the success of the first book with two additional books, "Hail & High Water - The Battle of Elkins' Ferry, Arkansas" and "Rebel Pulpit - The Civil War Prison Diary of Lieutenant James Vance Walker - Third Tennessee Confederate Infantry (Vaughn's). 

Now, Joe Walker introduces readers to Elvis Presley. Sure, there have been scores of books written about Elvis, but there's never been one that focuses entirely on his time in Arkansas. And through interviews and research, he follows Elvis across Arkansas, in more than forty visits. From one of his earliest shows, atop a flatbed trailer at a used car lot just months after releasing "That's All Right" to a visit to Arkansas to attend a funeral just months before his death, you'll read stories and see photographs - many never before published. 

Joe Walker comes from a family of Elvis fans. His mother saw a very young Elvis in 1955, performing  at the "Louisiana Hayride" program in Shreveport while his brother Jim saw Elvis in concert  in 1977, just a few months before Presley's untimely death. 

He and his family reside in Central Arkansas.