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Welcome to Elvis in Arkansas

Between 1954 and 1977, Elvis Presley visited Arkansas more than forty times. In Joe Walker's book, "Elvis in Arkansas," you'll travel with Elvis across Arkansas and experience the birth of Rock 'n Roll through eyewitness accounts of the people who were there as well as never before published photographs. Among the stories you'll read...

  • The night Elvis' original pink Cadillac burned alongside an Arkansas highway

  • The Arkansas gymnasium floor that collapsed while Elvis was performing

  •  Elvis being thrown out of an Arkansas club by a Catholic priest for signing a girl's thigh

  • Elvis' fear of flying caused his plane nearly crashing over western Arkansas

  • Elvis being Inducted into an Arkansas college fraternity 

  • Elvis singing  "Heartbreak Hotel" live for the very first time  (which happened in an Arkansas night club) 

  • The night in Little Rock where Gladys & Vernon Presley met Colonel Parker for the very first time

  • Elvis singing before a crowd of only twelve people at an Arkansas show

  • Elvis' attempt at purchasing a 14,000 acre duck hunting farming operation in Arkansas

  • The auto accident where the authorities wouldn't take his check because they had no idea who Elvis Presley was 

You are going to enjoy this book.

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